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Disco 2000

Hello people!

Everyone still partying hard? I’ve been having fun hopping from blog to blog, amazed at all the great stuff that’s out there. Sorry I haven’t posted much but it’s been quite a busy week at Casa Crazy – work, doctor’s appointments, diaper emergencies, my husband’s car breaking down and today I had to take little Diggy to the ER because he fell and cut his cheek. Boy, am I happy this week is over!

Anyhoo, since it’s Friday and the last day of the Ultimate Blog Party, I thought it would be the perfect time to open the doors of Disco 2000, my virtual club. A place to get the weekend off to a great start and boogie to Italian and international music, old and new. If I can get my act together Disco 2000 will be a regular Friday thing.

Today, I have a gorgeous classic by my favourite band, the Beatles. To me, they hold the key to the universe. Listening to those boys is the all-purpose cure for whatever ails you, inside and out. Can you tell that I’m a fan? And this year I’m finally making my “pilgrimage” to Liverpool!!! Not only will I be there for the European Capital of Culture celebrations but my friends managed to get tickets for Paul McCartney’s homecoming concert on June 1. How amazing is that?!? Will keep you posted on the trip.

Today’s video is “Something“, penned by lead guitarist George Harrison. It was inspired by his then wife Pattie Boyd (who was also the inspiration behind Eric Clapton’s “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight”. But that’s a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.) Frank Sinatra called it “the greatest love song of the last 50 years”. I love this video because it features the Beatles with their wives. Very sweet.

The second song, “Dedicato a te”, is by Milanese band le Vibrazioni . They have a melodic, rocking sound and have a bellbottom fetish. I chose this video because it’s set in a part of Milan that I know and love: the Navigli (canal) area. There are tons of bars and pubs and pre-kids, we spent a lot of good times there. And on the oh-so-rare occasions I have a girls night out, I try and make it to the Navigli. This clip is also cool because it’s done in one long tracking shot. The four band members appear separately throughout the video and sometimes you can even see them running along the Naviglio to make it to the bar for the final concert scene.

I hope you enjoyed the tunes!


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