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Food and marriage go together like Benigni and a red dress

Ciao Bloggisti!!

Are any of you suffering from Spring fatigue? I am. I’m so exhausted these days that my 4 year old daughter has to tuck me into bed sometimes. It’s that bad. And that’s why I’ve been a bad blogger mommy and have been neglecting y’all of late. But fear not, mammina is back and she’s got food!

‘Member when I talked about Easter with the in-laws? Well, it was quite the lunch. Even Mimmo’s usually belligerent grandma was on her best behaviour and didn’t whack anyone with her cane or complain about how Americans spoiled the country by bringing ketchup to Italy. And the food. Oh, the food! It was magnificent!! Let’s start at the antipasti, shall we:


Fresh cherry tomatoes, shrimp cocktail with homemade sauce, salami made with a combination of pork and horse meat (I kid you not. And it was goooooood!), boiled mixed veg and surimi and celery salad. And my in-laws said they cut down from the usual spread. Can’t imagine how much there would have been if they’d gone whole hog!

Then there was the primo:


Spaghetti con pomodoro e totani ( Spaghetti with tomato and tattler? Boh!) A very delicious sauce with a hint of chili pepper. I love spicy!

And now the secondi:


To start off there was a warm salad of potatoes and octopus, which is usually served as an appetizer but we didn’t mind. Then there was a lovely cuttlefish stew with peas and tomatoes. Sorry, no pictures of that or the colomba cake that I didn’t have the stomach to eat. But all in all, it was a darn fine feast.

Now that we’ve stuffed our virtual faces, it’s time to work it all off at the Disco 2000. And it’s a special anniversary night. Mimmo and I are celebrating our first 10th anniversary today. First because we got married in Italy in March 1998 and then had a big do in Canada in August. I’ll explain more when I finally have the time to do that long marriage meme I’ve seen around. But for now, we dance!

Let’s kick off this anniversary edition with a song that was popular when I first met Mimmo way back in ’89. Picture it: I was shy little schoolgirl in Paris who met this short, swarthy George Michael lookalike on the dancefloor. Luckily for me he couldn’t speak any English or French and called his tall, hot and blond friend who kinda looked like Simon Le Bon to help translate. And since I much preferred Duran Duran to Wham, it was no contest. Bye bye George, hello Mimmo! And Erasure’s A Little Respect was always on the radio back then. And it’s only fitting, as respect is the key to every good marriage. Yadda, yadda, yadda…

Anyhoo, here’s the video. I love how they act out every single lyric. Pure fromage!

Our next anniversary special is a reworked oldie from our pal Adriano Celentano. The song, La Coppia Più Bella del Mondo (The Most Beautiful Couple in the World) was something my father-in-law would sing to Mimmo’s mother during their courtship. Very cute.

Here’s a newer version with Celentano and Roberto Benigni singing the 60s hit. Bestill my beating heart, Benigni looks damn fine in a red minidress non?

I only hope Mimmo and I can recreate that same magic this weekend. As you can see, we can’t wait!!

me.jpg pain.jpg

Happy anniversary Baaaaaaa!

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