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Milanese Expo!!!!!!

This just in, bloggisti: Milan will host the 2015 Expo!!!!! And no, it’s isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

I was about to write a rant-filled post on how p.o. I am about Alitalia cutting two-thirds of its flights from Milan’s Malpensa airport but now I’m thrilled! We beat out Izmir, Turkey by 86 votes to 65 and had the support of none other than Al Gore, who praised Milan for their plans to become “one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Europe and in the world” (well, not yet but maybe one day…). Not only is this great news for the city but for Italy as well. I mean, we’ve been through a lot over the last few months: Alitalia, the garbage crisis, the government falling, an election campaign, the mozzarella mess, our homeboy Fabio involved in a manfight with George Clooney. So it’s great to finally hear something positive for a change.

Of course, as we’re in an election period, our favourite man in heels Silvio B couldn’t be the “bigger man”. True to form, he had to ruin the moment and announce that Milan’s victory was in no way due to the work of the previous centre-left government. Sure, Silvietto, whatever you say. Then, Prime Minister Prodi tells Berlusconi that he should be ashamed of himself. Then Silvio’s spokesman hollers back to Prodi, “No, shame on you!” I loooooove Italian politics. It’s all so civilized.

But enough of that manfight, back to Milan. They will be an estimated 29 million visitors during the six-month Expo. Will you be one of them? Don’t worry, I have a sofa bed. There’s room for everyone! If you can find a flight, that is….

For more info check out the official site. Kinda sucks but what do you expect.

See you in 2015!!!


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