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Disco 2000 – CanCon

Ciao Bloggisti!!

I am sooo glad this week is over. The hubster was away on business and it was no easy task working, momming and blogging all on my own. But now that it’s Friday and Mimmo’s on his way back, it’s time to let my hair down. I started celebrating this afternoon by having a couple of glasses of Spanish red wine with my lunch and now I’m ready for some music.

I’ve been feeling a little homesick of late and thought it would be the right time to put some Canadian content in this blog. We do have quite the music scene going on right now. But since I’m out of the loop these days, I asked my good pal Sue to give me the heads up on new Canuck music.

She made a number of suggestions, the first one being a group from Montreal called Mobile. They won the New Group of the Year award at last year’s Juno’s (the Canadian Grammy’s) and one of their songs was featured in the film Bon Cop, Bad Cop.

Sue also said good things about Tokyo Police Club from the rockin’ town of Newmarket, On. And of course there’s always iPod fave Feist .

But ya know, I’m feeling just too old and nostalgic today and I’m hankering for something that will take me back to a simpler time. A time of shoulder pads and wristbands.

Ladies and gentlemen (are there any men that read this blog, btw?), I give you Northern Lights! They were our Band Aid, our USA for Africa. They were the great (only?) Canadian supergroup and in 1985 they recorded Tears Are Not Enough. Ok, it’s a bit cheesy but it was for a good cause and it always gives me goosebumps. Can you recognize any of the singers? I’ll send you a nanaimo bar if you can name at least 10.

And since it’s such a lovely sunny day, here are Puglia’s favourite son’s Negramaro. Estate is the perfect song to get you thinking about summer.  And yes, it’s a washable marker.

Buon weekend!!!!!!

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