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Madamism and other random thoughts

Ciao Bloggisti

Since today is Monday and the first day back at work after a long weekend my brain is taking a bit longer to function. Add to that the fact that I accidentally set the clock one hour ahead and woke up at 5 am instead of 6. I got up as per usual and didn’t realize what time it was until almost an hour later. Arrrggggh!!!


Anyhoo, I know the following have nothing to do with Milan or Masala but here are the random, useless thoughts populating my brain at the moment:


The upsurge in “madamism”

I was watching tv yesterday while preparing dinner and I happened to catch Madonna’s new video. Now, I know girlfriend is nearing 50 and has a tighter ass than mine. Props to Madge for her discipline. But what the “masala” happened to her face?!? (see, I got some in there anyway, heh heh!) There was something about the woman that looked a bit “off”. I couldn’t really put my finger on it until I found this hilarious article in Cityrag.

She’s starting to look like Madam! That puppet scared the cr*p out of me whenever I saw her on Hollywood Squares in the 70s. Paul Lynde was much more comforting in comparison.

But apparently now madamism is the look du jour. Scary stuff. Madge, please don’t cross that botox/plastic surgery line. Stop before you end up like Mickey Rourke!!!! 


 Sexy ugly update

New addition to the Italian sexy-ugly list: Neri Marcorè . He doesn’t look that great in the picture but yesterday on his literary quiz show “Per Un Pugno di Libri” he was sporting some stubble and I have to admit he looked pretty darn hot. Plus he’s got that shy, self-deprecating thing about him. Nice!

New addition to the International sexy-ugly list: Noel Fielding. Just because I like his voice.


Paris countdown

Two more days, baby! So excited!!! I’ve already booked at a couple of good restaurants and my list of must-eat locales is growing longer (diet be damned!). Still haven’t packed though. Still haven’t found all my clothes in the mountains of clean laundry I have yet to sort out. Guess that means I’m forced to shop for some new duds while in Paris. Pauvre moi!


That’s all she wrote. Ciao!!!!

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