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Our Paul Cooks for the Bratty Bambino

Ciao Bloggisti!

As a break from my Paris posts, I thought it was time to feed that bratty bambino again. It’s been a while and he can be nasty when he’s hungry. Just like his mamma!

Anyhoo, tonight I have an extra-special guest. You might have heard of him. His name is Mr. McCartney but I like to call him Paulie. Our Paulie, as you know, is a vegetarian. While I’m a die-hard omnivore, I respect his views. And who can say no to mashed potatoes? Certainly not the Bratty Bambino? And I’m sure Jo the Potato Queen at Frutto della Passione will concur.

So even if he’s busy preparing for his big homecoming concert this Sunday (and I’m going to be there. Woo hoo!!), he still found the time to whip up a little something for us. Sweet, innit? So what if he’s a bit kooky and he doesn’t know how to handle a knife. A Beatle is cooking, for goodness sake! Take it away, Paulie!

I luuuuuuuv Paulie. And don’t you just love the way he speaks? “Spuuuuds” “Squuuurs” “Spooon Man” I could marry that accent! But I wouldn’t kiss that accent after it added RAW ONIONS to the potatoes. Blech! And I would have put real butter instead of margarine. So, what do you think of Sir Paul’s mashed potatoes?

And ragazze di Milano, don’t forget to come to our Sex and the City night out on June 7. Let Joanne and me know if you can make it. Ta!

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