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Festivus – Masala style!

Ciao party people!

My name is Linda and I would like to welcome you to Milanese Masala’s one-of-a-kind, extra-special, supercalafragilistic (etc., etc.) contribution to the Ultimate Blog Party. Please, have a drink on me! What’s your poison?


I had such a blast at last year’s party and made so many new blogging buddies that I decided that I couldn’t miss out this time around. A big thanks to the ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom for organizing the shindig.

For those of you new to Milanese Masala, basically it’s the rantings and ravings of a Canadian expat working mom in Italy. I talk about life in the Boot, from food to music to politics and soccer and much much more. If you want to find out more about me you can read my party post from last year’s UBP or the article I wrote for the Toronto Star a while back.

This year I thought I’d celebrate in a different way. I wanted to do a sort of Festivus, you know, the Costanza family celebration from Seinfeld.

Life ain’t easy these days for moms, or anyone for that matter, so if you’d like to do an Airing of Grievances here’s your chance to lash out. And for all those Supermoms out there, you can regale us with stories of your Feats of Strength. For example, I have eyes in the back of my head, I can tell the exact consistency of my son’s poop even before changing his diaper just from the smell and I can make a mean Carbonara.

And speaking of Italian food, I’m giving away a $30 care package of local delicacies for the Ultimate Blog Party so don’t forget to choose my yummy prize.

As for my picks, I wouldn’t mind the following International giveaways: 37, 49, 1, 51, 55 and 63.

So come on and celebrate Festivus – Masala style! Can’t wait to read your comments.

A presto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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