I’m a nice Indo-Canadian girl from Scarborough who woke up one morning and found herself in Italy. After my initial stupor I realized that I was married to a sweet Milanese gentleman with a penchant for ugly shirts circa 1987. I was also the mother of two drooly humans* and two felines (not necessarily in that order). Aiuuuutooooo!!!!

Why did I call my blog Milanese Masala? Well, I’ve been living in the Milan area for 12 loooong foggy years so I guess that explains the Milanese part. And apart from the obvious Indian connection, I thought the term masala described me to a tee. A mixture of many spices. I’m a little bit Indian, a little bit Canadian, a little bit Italian and a little bit rock and roll. And blended together, I pack quite the punch.

For more info on moi, you can read my article in Toronto Star’s Desi Life magazine.

I’d write more but Porta a Porta is on and it’s making me drowsy…

Se vedum!!

*UPDATE: a third drooly human joined our crew this summer. She has NO idea what she’s in for!!

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  • 1. Sofia  |  21 March 2009 at 5:17 am

    Well that is quite a story. I am Italian, my father from Naples, and mother is sicilian. I am jealous as I would love to visit Italy some day. If you have some good recipes to share I would love them
    Come visiti my blog
    Ciao for now!

    You must visit! It’s a gorgeous country. I do have some recipes on my blog which you can find by doing a search. I’ll definitely check out your blog šŸ™‚


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