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Greetings from Toronto!!

Ciao Bloggisti!

Just a very quick post to say “hi” and let you know that I finally made it back home in one piece even if the forces that be tried their best to give me a hard time. My flight from Milan to Amsterdam was delayed for over 2 hrs due to technical problems and I missed my connecting flight to Toronto. We were put up in a pretty nice hotel near Schiphol airport but during our buffet breakfast the next day a woman sitting close to my daughter almost had a stroke. Don’t worry, she was ok in the end. We had a horrible flight to Toronto on MartinAir that afternoon, my son’s superfull diaper leaked all over my leg and when we finally arrived in Toronto, one piece of luggage was missing. Good times!

But our stay in Toronto has more than made up for our initial difficulties. We’ve been having a great time catching up with family and friends, and especially pigging out. I finally had my Tim Horton’s chocolate dip donut and already polished off a bag of ketchup chips. Who needs risotto alla milanese when you can have genuine Canuck junk!! I already had a night out with my girls, had a birthday party for my son, did some shopping and will be celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary at the Radiohead concert at the Molson Amphitheatre. Not too shabby, eh?

Despite all the fun, I am thinking about all my blogging friends. I hope you’re all well and enjoying the summer. Since I miss you guys so much, here’s a little present for you. No, it’s not a donut!! It’s one of my all-time favourite Radiohead songs, Fake Plastic Trees.


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I am outta here, bloggisti!!!

Ciao Bloggisti!!


It’s me! Your long lost blogger in da Boot!! What?!? You don’t remember wittle ole me?? Well, you’re more than justified for forgetting. I’ve been naughty and haven’t been posting that much lately. I’ve just come out of a VERY hectic period at work and at home. But at the back of my mind I would have these terrible feelings of guilt for neglecting my pals in the blogging world. And now that I’m going on holiday and won’t be posting nearly half as much (if at all!) my guilt has multiplied tenfold. Ah, all those years at Catholic school…


Anyway, I’m just writing to say “hi” and “bye” before I leave tomorrow. Yup, I’m going back home! Back to Canada, Toronto, T.O., T Dot, aka the centre of the universe. And I just can’t wait to see the fam, my friends and Tim Hortons! Mmmmm donuts!!


Don’t worry, I’ll take lots of pictures and I promise to post more come September. I just might pop in to say ciao once in a while but it might be difficult. In the meantime, just so you don’t forget about Milanese Masala, here’s a video by Glass Tiger, a band from Newmarket, Ontario that was really popular in the 80s.



Mi mancherete!! Ciao ciao!!!

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