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Little Panino and Lapo’s Big Fail

Ciao Bloggisti!

Just wanted to update you on what’s been going on this week. First of all, I have a cat problem. I’m not sure if I already shared but I have two lady cats, Beppa and Sausage (don’t ask) who are 11 years old. Still sprightly despite reaching cougar age, they were living a peaceful life until some neighbourhood cats decided to invade their kitty home. They eat their food and sleep in their little cat hideaway under the stairs. But the worst part is that one of them, who I’ve dubbed Mel, is a male and is, ahem, marking his territory in their room. Which means my girls and their room now stink of Eau de Smelly Mel. What to do? Spray him back with Eau de Silvio? Befriend him? Send him to Vicenza? Any advice would be welcome.

And speaking of cats, there’s one that I have to let out of the proverbial bag. The big project I mentioned in the last post, the one that’s sucking all of my energy is actually a baking project. Yes, my friends, there’s a little panino in the oven! Four months along but he/she is rising nicely. So this, hopefully, explains my paltry posting activity over the last few months. Of course, the first trimester was exhausting. I spent most of my evenings passed out on the sofa. And boy was I ever nauseous! More than in the first two pregnancies combined. But on the whole, things seem to be progressing well. I even did a 3D ultrasound last week, which was pretty amazing. And since I’m a veteran, I’ve been feeling the baby kick for a while now. I have absolutely no idea how we’re going to handle everything with three kids but I’ll think about it when the time comes. So that’s big news number two.

Other interesting news this week comes courtesy of the NBA. I’m not sure if you’ve heard but the L.A. Lakers have a new star player: Lapo Elkann! Lapo is the late Gianni Agnelli’s grandson and is an “industrialist”, “international playboy”, “best-dressed bon vivant” and other things which I probably shouldn’t mention here. Let’s just say he’s not the brightest light in the Agnelli family.

So why is Lapo such a basketball superstar? Well, during a recent Lakers game against the Toronto Raptors, he actually tipped a loose ball away before Toronto guard Jose Calderon could make an out-of-bounds save. You have to see it to believe it:

Of course, our international-man-of-misery Lapo was mortified, as his Italian pals Bargnani and Belinelli actually play for the Raptors. But he just had to do something to protect his sunglasses. Or maybe he thought he was playing dodgeball. Anyway, I apologize to my fellow Toronto fans on his behalf. Scusate!!

Of course after this, there’s no way Lapo will ever become a member of the Handsome Men’s Club. I’m sure Matt Damon has something cruel and unusual in store for him. Mwah ha ha ha haaaa!!!

May you have a handsome weekend!!

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12 March 2010 at 1:12 am 4 comments

Forza Pirlo!!

Ciao Bloggisti!

I don’t know if you heard but Andrea Pirlo, a midfielder for AC Milan (my team!!) and one of the best freekickers in the world, is injured. This week he tore the muscle in his right thigh during practice and now he might be out for two months. Ouch! After Milan’s less than stellar start to the season, that’s the last thing we needed. But he’s a fighter so I’m sure he’s going to come back sooner than expected. So I’m counting on all my Bloggisti pals to send some good wishes his way. Your good vibes have healing powers!

For those of you unfamiliar with Pirlo’s greatness, here’s a little clip I found. It’s in Japanese and involves free kicks, samurai wigs, “Sports Legend” wine and Whitney Houston. Don’t ask why. Just marvel at the man.

Forza Andrea!

And thanks to Pirlo’s #1 fan, Jessica at Italy Logue , for the heads up.

19 September 2008 at 10:28 pm 6 comments

Euro 2008 – A Last Ditch List

Ciao Bloggisti!

Well, my sexy ugly list worked. Sort of. But now I have to get down to work and post as soon as possible because time is a-wasting! Italy is playing France in a couple of hours to see who will go through to the quarter finals. But it will be an arduous task. Not only does Italy have to win but they have to hope that Romania won’t beat Holland tonight. As Holland has already qualified for the quarter finals and might not want to meet up with France or Italy in the later rounds, pundits here are expecting the Dutch to “fare il biscotto”, which literally means “do the biscuit” but actually means to lose on purpose to suit their diabolical needs. No I’m not biased ; )

Since our boys in blue need lots of moral support, and since you all appreciated the last one so much, here’s one last ditch Euro 08 sexy ugly list to bring them good luck. This list features some of the Azzurri who are going to play this evening. And no Bleus! So in no particular order, here’s the list:

Daniele De Rossi (midfielder)

Everyone’s favourite hangdog/horseface…Andrea Pirlo (midfielder)

Gianluigi Buffon (goalkeeper)

Gianluca Zambrotta (wingback)

And our saviour from the World Cup 06, Fabio Grosso

And for good measure, I’m going to throw in Jessica’s 10 Hottest Soccer Players with some FOINE pictures of our boys in their skivvies (scroll to the end) .

Come on ragazzi!!! May the force of the sexy ugly be with you!!!!!!!!!!!

*UPDATE: We did it!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

17 June 2008 at 7:08 pm 10 comments

Euro 2008 – The Sexy, the Sexy Ugly and the Just Plain Fugly

Ciao Bloggisti

I’m soooo nervous right now. This evening Italy is playing Romania in Euro 08. If they don’t tie or win, our Azzurri are O-U-T out! Fingers crossed, or incrociamo le dita as they say here. Oh no! I just realized that today is Friday the 13th, too! Worse luck! What can I do to ward off the bad vibes? I know!! A special Euro 08 Sexy Ugly list!!!! It’s the only thing that will work. Here goes:

1. Simone Perrotta (midfielder – Italy)

photo: BBC

2. Jens Lehmann (goalkeeper – Germany)

3. Iker Casillas (goalkeeper – Spain)

4. Thierry Henry (striker – France)

and last but not least, the sexiest ugliest of them all….

5. Gennaro “Ringhio” Gattuso (midfielder – Italy)

Special category: the sexy and the just plain fugly

The other day I found this cute clip, featuring soccer’s version of the Beauty and the Beast: Italy’s Luca Toni and Franck Ribéry from France. You couldn’t have put together two more different looking people, well, except DeVito and Schwarzenegger. But I just looove the way Toni carries himself. Just look at that swagger, the way he sits back on the seats in the stadium. So hot!!!

Let’s just hope this is enough for the Italian national team to get their mojo back. If it works, I’ll make another sexy ugly list, as painful as it is for me.

Forza Azzurri!!!!!

13 June 2008 at 2:41 pm 7 comments

Salut de Paris!

Bonjour Bloggisti!

Tout va bien? I’m in Paris right now so today is a French-themed Disco 2000.

First off, we have the roi of sexy-ugly, Serge Gainsbourg, singing Requiem Pour Un Con. What an amazing beat! He was truly a genius and ahead of his time.


Last but not least, here are Duran Duran with the fromage-y View to a Kill. I looooved this video when it first came out. What was I thinking?!?!? Bad acting, bad hair, bad make-up. And that was just Nick Rhodes. Still, there was a je-ne-sais-quoi about the 80s that I just can’t resist.



Ok, now I’m off to eat a croissant or KFC or something exotic like that.


2 May 2008 at 10:36 am 1 comment

Madamism and other random thoughts

Ciao Bloggisti

Since today is Monday and the first day back at work after a long weekend my brain is taking a bit longer to function. Add to that the fact that I accidentally set the clock one hour ahead and woke up at 5 am instead of 6. I got up as per usual and didn’t realize what time it was until almost an hour later. Arrrggggh!!!


Anyhoo, I know the following have nothing to do with Milan or Masala but here are the random, useless thoughts populating my brain at the moment:


The upsurge in “madamism”

I was watching tv yesterday while preparing dinner and I happened to catch Madonna’s new video. Now, I know girlfriend is nearing 50 and has a tighter ass than mine. Props to Madge for her discipline. But what the “masala” happened to her face?!? (see, I got some in there anyway, heh heh!) There was something about the woman that looked a bit “off”. I couldn’t really put my finger on it until I found this hilarious article in Cityrag.

She’s starting to look like Madam! That puppet scared the cr*p out of me whenever I saw her on Hollywood Squares in the 70s. Paul Lynde was much more comforting in comparison.

But apparently now madamism is the look du jour. Scary stuff. Madge, please don’t cross that botox/plastic surgery line. Stop before you end up like Mickey Rourke!!!! 


 Sexy ugly update

New addition to the Italian sexy-ugly list: Neri Marcorè . He doesn’t look that great in the picture but yesterday on his literary quiz show “Per Un Pugno di Libri” he was sporting some stubble and I have to admit he looked pretty darn hot. Plus he’s got that shy, self-deprecating thing about him. Nice!

New addition to the International sexy-ugly list: Noel Fielding. Just because I like his voice.


Paris countdown

Two more days, baby! So excited!!! I’ve already booked at a couple of good restaurants and my list of must-eat locales is growing longer (diet be damned!). Still haven’t packed though. Still haven’t found all my clothes in the mountains of clean laundry I have yet to sort out. Guess that means I’m forced to shop for some new duds while in Paris. Pauvre moi!


That’s all she wrote. Ciao!!!!

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